Hello World

Hi from the tropical island of Panay.

It was suggested that I startup a blog, wiki or what ever ??? As their has been so much said in so many “separate” forums ie. Multiply.com Freindster.com, Facebook.com the olpc wiki’s Philippines pages…. and on + on to infinitum. With forth many, sometimes misleading or even false things have been said to those of whom subscribe to said particular site <sorry LogOn Required to View this link> I myself this last 2+ years or so have created accounts at so many places with so many passwords and so many syntax peculiarities bb.c [url|http://thislink] wikimedia syntax(MyCurrentFav) html loose xml strict not to mention PHP, pearl or java codeing errors which have caused my long post to simply evaporate on after pressing the [post] or [publish]

Enough ranting on IRT not so open source sites

Hello World!


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2 Responses to “Hello World”

  1. Paula Says:

    Please be careful, readers! The XO project not only enables poor children to access the internet, but also the other way round. This project will in the end strengthen the exploiting market power of the rich countries. I ask the active members of XO to really inform their students about security risks, market interests and advertising! Thank you.

  2. cwithers Says:

    I just joined the group and had the same frustration as you do. There are too many sites, means of communication, etc. The facebook account has 220 members but no real leadership. I want to be heavily involved but do not know where to start. If we can get organized we can at least focus our efforts instead of running around like chickens with their heads cut-off. I got a lead that maybe a certain Mel Chua can point me to the right direction. I’m writing from the States and pockets are drying up. We need to get this organized and fast. Do you know why the Philippines didn’t get chosen as a country of deployment?

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