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Greetings to all,
It’s looking very likely that THE Philippines National Cyber-Education Pilot Project WILL HAPPEN this coming school year at Kalibo ES-II / Aklan Special Education Center there are still a couple of obstacles to overcome yet, ie. with the local logistics, customs clearance, and approval/rejection from DepEd, I am planning to have a Demonstration of the XO-1 Children’s Computer AKA: “the $100 Laptop” at the Kalibo, Aklan Press Club’s “Kapihan Saturday Breakfast” in a few weeks time.

For those of you whom I have not personally spoken with IRT this International Project, here is some background info previously sent to PDI-Publicist Isagani Yambot among others;

Hello sir, their has been some talk on the internet this last holy-week that Don Bosco Tech. College and PBSP are going to run this CyberEd pilot project but as of today it is not true, it will only to be proposed to the Don Bosco tech board later this month.

Unang Liwanag proposal
@Kalibo Elementary School II / Aklan Special Education Center My personal contact and other info:

BBC NEWS | Technology | Factfile: XO laptop

Some Photo’s of school children with XO-1’s

2 of 3 Nepal schools starting classes next month. started classes last month?

other countries involved to varying degrees see list@

As you can see none of these are in a City like Manila but are provincial schools more akin to Aklan in general.
I’ve been planning to continue to discuss this with Cong. Joben Miraflores, (I’ve not gotten back with him IRT this since Nov 2007 since I was not yet able to get a demo Laptop from any one yet (
worldwide deliveries of production XO-1’s should be caught up in the next couple of weeks).

One last misleading press item
he mentions the OLPC XO-1 near end of article about
Computer’s for Philippine Public High Schools and not Elementary School Level plus they were not yet in mass production back in Nov 2007.


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