About; Me

Hi, I’m just a guy, not a Peace Corp worker, not some wealthy philanthropist, not connected with any one Religious Organization, not a Rotarian, not a Free Mason, lions or, what have you. For some reason people ALWAYS ASSUME that I’m somebody! Well I am (somebody) just not somebody else

After many years and many sea voyages away from my family I decided to retire and to be with my wife & children, rather than only seeing then a few times a year.

Many, many Filipino’s live far away they are called OCW’s or OFW’s. Why? Because of the lack of meaningful employment in country.

I see many reasons for this but only see one way that I as a single individual person can change things and that way is by teaching people not only the kids, but the parents and teachers and political leader’s and so on…

2b cont.


One Response to “About; Me”

  1. joseph soriano Says:

    Hi there Chief Mike!!!

    Obviously, we don’t know each other yet, but I’m hoping you still have enough patience and cheer left over after all your rants about dealing with our elected public servants and take the time to read this e-mail.

    First off, I admire your grit and stamina and visionary attitude. I couldn’t help but chuckle while I was reading your rants about dealing with government officials. I’ve had similar experiences before.

    My name’s Joseph Soriano, and I’m a recent transplant to the US. I came here to California last December, but prior to that, I was editorial assistant at BluPrint Magazine (www.bluprintmag.com) in Ortigas Center.

    Anyway, the reason I’m writing you is that I am involved (for better or for worse) with an informal group of Filipinos living here in California who are enthusiastic about helping kids in our hometown in Ilocos Norte learn about the wonders of computers. While I was still in the Philippines, I’ve helped them connect with an elementary and a high school in our hometown that were interested in having their own computer laboratories. I would say we were mildly successful. The elementary school computer lab project went nowhere, but the one in the high school is now training kids in basic productivity applications like MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. These civic-minded people solicited old PCs from individuals here in California and shipped those to the schools in Ilocos Norte. Our other goals such as connecting the labs to the Internet, and opening the labs to other people in the community who also want to learn, have still not been realized due to a lot of complex challenges.

    Now, my uncle Joe ,who is sort of the de-facto leader of this group, has e-mailed me asking what I think about his vision of bringing the OLPC cause to our hometown. I told him I’d rather work on a project that won’t need to involve government entities to be effective, since I’ve had plenty of frustrating experiences before when I was working for those computer labs. But while that’s my attitude, I still think his proposal is worth a close look.

    So, could you help us out, even just by shedding light on how you initiated OLPC Philippines? I’m interested in how you connected with OLPC and what sort of organization and requirements are needed to kickstart the process.

    Like you, I’m in this as a purely voluntary thing. I’m not rich. I’m a thirty year old recent immigrant here in California. Given your frustrations with your own project in Kalibo, I’d understand if you feel that this letter is just a bother. But like you, we would also want not just the kids in our hometown, but our whole community, to benefit from the revolutionary potential of ICT.

    Keep it up,

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