About; the “Pilot School”

Kalibo Elementary School II (#2) / Aklan Special Education Center

It has a staff of about 22 or 23 teachers a couple of utility workers, some volunteers as my self (only since my CyberEd campaign started)  attendance was about 600 pupils begining last school year but due to some transfers was around 800 at the end of this semester.

It’s in the center of town of Kalibo, Aklan

  • Across 19 Martyrs street from Kalibo I
  • Which is Across Mabini Street from Kalibo Pilot Elementary School (formerly called Kalibo Central ES)
  • KES II covers almost an entire city block behind it is:
    • The boy scouts of the Philippines Council Office
    • The Poblacion Barangay Hall.
    • And The Tel Comm office and microwave link.
    • One corner building is the APSTA Center (Assoc. Parent-Student-Teachers-of-Aklan) a meeting hall, office, and a dormitory for visiting students.

Special Education means that students with special needs such as Hearing, Visually Impaired, Cerebral Policy, Fast Learners, etc… can attend thou a majority are just average everyday kids.

2b cont.


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