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Som’My Activities: past seven or eight days or so

Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Aklan Press club inaugurated it’s Saturday Morning’s get together this Easter Sunday and it was covered live over several radio stations in Kalibo. Afterwards I had a by-chance talk with none other than Isagani Yambot President and Publisher of the largest circulated Broadsheet in the Republic. He looked like a friendly person so I just asked him who he was. (I was listening to the Radio that morning and arrived their very late). We exchanged E-mail addresses and I gave him an account of my and other’s work around El Mundo IRT OLPC and it’s current status, I also told him I’d like Tim and Rowen the kids from Bulican (anyone under 29-30 is a kid at our ages)joke to demo the XO-1 later at his office.

A little bit about these two kids they are not rich and neither am I, they are just a couple working students(recent grads?) who are passionate about bringing change to our country!

This week in the Philippines is the start of summer vacation for all Public Schools so most every single teacher around was very busy with Graduation Rehearsal’s, students report cards, summer requests, other reports… I have been pushing the teachers very hard to give me information, support & feedback on “What do we want to do with these <E-Slates>

I’ve been trying to pound into them “THIS IS NOT A LAPTOP PROJECT” “Cyber-Education is a Paradyne shift” in a VERY MAJOR SENSE!

The first draft proposal went on about we are going to teach the children HOW to use a computer “Wrong Answer” does a book teach you how to work a printing press? <one of many of my comebacks> another was something about a cellphone teaching you how to ??? I forget. Those of you reading this please ask the question what is Cyber-Ed really.

To me it’s a way and a means for young children to Learn!! weather or not they have money even to buy a pencil and pad of paper, weather or not the school has enough text books, classrooms or EVEN HAS A TEACHER!

Thursday Senator mar Roxas was in town for a graduation as guest speaker along with Cong. Miraflorez I waited for a long time talked with the office staff but was not able to meet with him.

Friday 1. tried to get meeting with Vice Gov. Calizo (whom also is the previous Congresswoman) 2. Recruited IT Staff of Aklan Provincial Capital to assist me with tech support of Unang Liwanag 3. Same also with Seatac systems.

Today I very briefly spoke to Congressman Miraflorez after the saturday morning Kapihan all he said “keep me informed” as of yet I don’t/never have had a XO-1 or beta or alpha several loaners were promised and finally one has been shipped If it clears customs this coming week my 4th grade graduated daughter might become the first pinoy child to own a XO-1 people have requested pictures and soon I will post them on the wiki <CC-BY-SA-3.0>

Also today: My Daughter Michelle’s Grad from grade 4 and niece’s grad from grade 1 as I said prior on the Wiki. I decided not to ask that my daughter’s school be the pilot school it would not be right, but maybe the second, third, or ??th Also My wife and her cousin received the only letter of appreciation for thier making of breakfast for school’s feeding program I hope their is money available this coming year to continue with the program.

Next week:TBD