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Hello World

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Hi from the tropical island of Panay.

It was suggested that I startup a blog, wiki or what ever ??? As their has been so much said in so many “separate” forums ie., the olpc wiki’s Philippines pages…. and on + on to infinitum. With forth many, sometimes misleading or even false things have been said to those of whom subscribe to said particular site <sorry LogOn Required to View this link> I myself this last 2+ years or so have created accounts at so many places with so many passwords and so many syntax peculiarities bb.c [url|http://thislink] wikimedia syntax(MyCurrentFav) html loose xml strict not to mention PHP, pearl or java codeing errors which have caused my long post to simply evaporate on after pressing the [post] or [publish]

Enough ranting on IRT not so open source sites

Hello World!